3714 – On Thin Ice

3714 – On Thin Ice

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 36 inches, Framed


We all contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming but we can also help to solve this worldwide crisis.  In this painting, a lone polar bear floats on a piece of sea ice, reminding us that we are all on thin ice. He asks, What are you doing to add to the global warming crisis. The life buoys symbolize what we could be doing to help solve it.

The melting ice cap impacts not only the polar bear and life in the far north. As oceans rise threatening coastal systems and low-lying areas around the world, even major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami as well as Mumbai, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro will experience flooding.

Art is such a personal purchase and I’m always thrilled when one of my paintings touches and speaks to someone. It’s as if the work was commissioned specifically for him/her. I’m excited to announce this has just happened to ON THIN ICE.

ON THIN ICE has been purchased by Bryan and Donna-Marie Bowers who have been collecting indigenous art since 1976. Their collection began as a journey of exploration of Bryan’s own indigenous heritage. Today the large collection of both indigenous and indigenous-spirited art is travelling across North America (Turtle Island) to bring understanding and reconciliation between the First Nations peoples and the ‘settlers’ ancestors.

When Bryan saw ON THIN ICE hanging at the Opera House in Gravenhurst, he immediately felt a connection to his collection. This painting reflects my concern for dramatic changes in our climate and the impact on all life on Earth. With retreating ice, the lives of both indigenous people and wildlife are threatened.

The art notes for ON THIN ICE reads:
Thinning, disappearing Arctic ice threatens Inuit and wildlife food sources. When will we respect and embrace indigenous wisdom to save all life on the planet?

You can read about the exhibit at this link: https://doppleronline.ca/huntsvi…/indigenous-spirit-matters/



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