3750 – Autumn Apparition: Embrace

3750 – Autumn Apparition: Embrace

Acrylic Skins on Canvas

40 x 30 inches, Framed










My love of trees is evident in many of my paintings, so it was no surprise when one in a friend’s garden provided inspiration for Autumn Apparition. The tree has two intertwined trunks so when viewed at a certain angle one tree appears to hold the other in an embrace. Using the tree as my starting point, I decided on a fall scene filled with warm colours reflecting love and affection. Then the idea came to add in the silhouette of a couple who had spent time in the forest, leaving behind their energy.

To create the trees in the background and the falling leaves, I cut up dozens of tiny pieces of acrylic skins. The leaves fall around the silhouette energy left behind by a couple to illustrate the sensitivity of nature to our presence.

When we walk upon the earth, how does nature respond to our touch? Do we leave energy signatures in the places we inhabit?

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