3751 – Golden Geisha

3751 -Golden Geisha

Acrylic Skins on Canvas

14 x 11 inches, Framed









Some skins left from another work were laying on a piece of paper.  The arrangement reminded me of a Geisha so I worked with the pieces to create this Japanese scene.

While researching about Geishas, I discovered an international, interdisciplinary working group called GEISHA (Global Evaluation of the Impacts of Storms on freshwater Habitat and Structure of phytoplankton Assemblages). The GEISHA project brings together experts in theoretical ecology, aquatic ecology, limnology, biodiversity, plankton taxonomy impact of extreme events, climate change, statistical analysis, series-temporal meta-analysis, Bayesian approaches, turbulence and nonlinear variability analysis, and multivariate modeling. Future climate change is expected to cause more intense and frequent extreme weather events but we currently only have a basic understanding of how these events might alter freshwater phytoplankton communities. Because storms have strong impacts on thermal stratification and mixing dynamics of lakes, which in turn may influence niche availability and phytoplankton succession, they propose to study the impact of storms on the diversity, including taxonomic and functional composition, of freshwater phytoplankton communities.

With my concern for Global Warming and environmental impact, I found it interesting that an organization existed with the acronym GEISHA.