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My inspiration comes mostly from the natural world around me – the unique character of a Jack Pine, the twisted weave of tree roots in the forest, the brilliant colours of a sunset on one of our pristine lakes or the portrait of wildlife in their natural habitat. I focus on images you’d be proud to own and display that deliver a message about our corporate responsibility to care for Mother Earth and her abundant life. To that end a portion of sales of all my artwork goes directly to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to support their rehabilitation work in Muskoka.”

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Born with the heart of an artist, I wanted to draw and paint from an early age but my only instruction came from Paint by Numbers sets and John Nagy, Learn to Draw kit. In the mid-1980s, I dabbled at art for a couple of years; however, it took a move to Muskoka (Ontario, Canada) and semi-retirement in 2010 for me to pursue my passion. Here surrounded by walls of pink granite, guarded by tall pines, I found the time, space and a safe haven to explore and develop my creative gifts.

I love to paint, to communicate my experience of the world in images that evoke a sensory response and tell a story. When I witness a scene that moves me, I want to share it with the world.

My creative process usually begins by capturing the moment in a photo. Then I crop the image and possibly integrate others to develop a composition for the actual painting. Once brush and paint touch the paper or canvas, time loses all meaning. Watching the blank surface transform into a painting often seems magical, as if the paints and brushes are pulling up images hidden in the fibres.

I enjoy working in a variety of mediums – acrylic, oil, watercolour, Chinese and acrylic inks. Each one offers unique qualities and allows me the freedom to select what I feel best interprets a subject.

Endless inspiration surrounds me in the natural beauty of Muskoka!

My goal is to entice the viewer into the painting, to experience my story, or one of his or her own imaginings, to touch the human spirit, bring joy and beauty into the world, inspire and uplift. I also hope my work increases awareness of our interdependence on the fragile, natural world around us.

Every painting offers a new challenge and learning opportunity about my craft and about me. I’m a life-long seeker and my art will constantly reflect that search. Through my art, I aim to express the spirit and inner light I recognize in both animate and inanimate objects and my connection to them.

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Please visit FACEBOOK Page and my blog for updates on my art and writing journey. I invite your questions, comments and feedback. 

ARTWORK CREATED BY KIM DUBEAUIn October 2014, the YWCA MUSKOKA selected me as the Woman of Distinction in the category of Arts, Culture & Creative Energy. The theme for the award was Strong Roots Strengthening Community. To receive such an honour both surprised and humbled me.


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