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This Little Rock We Call Earth

For more information on my book, This Little Rock We Call Earth, please click here. CURRENTLY out of print.











Poem Published

My poem, Aunt Bea’s Knees was accepted for publication in Tethered by Letters, August 2015.  Hope you enjoy! I’d love your feedback. You can read the poem at – http://tetheredbyletters.com/aunt-beas-knees/


Pete’s Feet – My Children’s Book seeking an agent/publisher!

Pete’s in serious trouble. He’s lost his feet to Kabong, when the evil wizard challenged him to solve a tricky riddle. Pete is not the first person to fall for Kabong’s dare. As a result, the wizard’s den holds an enormous collection of feet preserved in gurgling, glowing goo.

In desperation, Pete calls on his friend, Sam, to help. Sam uncovers the source of the wizard’s power. With his secret revealed, Kabong loses his magical control on the feet and they are all set free.
Pete’s Feet is a humorous rhyming story ideal for ages 7 and up. Public readings indicate it appeals to people of all ages.

Here is a brief excerpt from Pete’s Feet.

 This is the tale of my friend, Pete,

who once possessed most handsome feet.

But long ago, one dreadful day,

a wizard zapped Pete’s feet away.


I’d heard of others in our land

who’d lost their feet at the wizard’s hand.

Yet never had a treasured friend

come to such a terrible end.


One day dear Pete was in the Square,

(he always liked the morning air),

when with a face, so cold and mean,

the wizard burst upon the scene.


His eyes, black as a starless night,

a nose that bent both left and right;

his oily hair hung to the ground

with dandruff flying all around.


He stared at Pete, and waved his hand,

Pete’s feet flew off; he could not stand.

He screamed out loud, his eyes grew wide,

“What’s happened to my feet?” he cried.


Kabong, the wicked wizard spoke;

his voice a throaty, raspy croak.

“Your cheeky boast went too far, Pete,

this time you put in both your feet.


You should know well, that it’s unwise

to meddle with the King of Lies.

You left my riddle unsolved, Pete,

so, I have taken both your feet.


That was the deal, as you recall

and now through life, you’ll have to crawl.”

Then, in a sudden, lightening flash,

he vanished, leaving red hot ash.


Some kindly folk rushed to Pete’s side.

“Please take me to Sam’s house,” he cried.

Pete thought that I could help him out

but I was filled with crushing doubt. 

© Wendie Donabie

And so Sam’s adventure begins to find the solution to Kabong’s riddle and restore Pete’s feet.

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