Inn at the Falls Lounge, Bracebridge, Ontario

The following paintings are available for purchase in the main floor lounge at Inn at the Falls, Mahaffy -Court, Bracebridge, Ontario. Contact Wendie Donabie at 705-646-3663 or enquire at the front desk of the Inn.

Close Encounter

30” x 24” Acrylic on Canvas


Copyright Wendie Donabie

One early spring day, while hiking on a trail to Wilson Falls in Bracebridge, I encountered a deer ahead of me. The painting and the words below speak to the magical experience from that morning.

Our eyes met; time stopped.

Creatures from different worlds.

A divine moment.


11’’ x 15’’ Chinese Ink on Watercolour Paper


Copyright Wendie Donabie

There’s a special place along Wilson Falls Trail where trees cling to a high rock ledge. When I came upon this stand of trees, their roots intertwining and overhanging the rock outcrop, I felt compelled to capture the scene. I chose the monochromatic pallet of Chinese Ink for the painting to create a more dramatic representation. I love this quote by John Muir that describes the scene:

“I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast-rooted, they travel about as far as we do.”


11’’ x 15’’ Chinese Ink on Watercolour Paper


Copyright Wendie Donabie

I discovered this tree on a trail in Algonquin Park. To me it looked like a watchman standing guard over the forest trail, ready to descend the hill if danger threatened.


40’’ x 30’’ Acrylic on Canvas


Copyright Wendie Donabie

Throughout Muskoka, the root systems of trees weave fascinating patterns on the forest floor. A trail by High Falls in Bracebridge inspired Woven Path.

Trees communicate with one another through their roots, providing nutrition and through the forest canopy sending messages to warn one another of predators and disease.

To draw attention to the roots, I used acrylic gel medium to produce a 3-D effect and texture for the roots and trees in the foreground.


40″ x 30 “, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas


Copyright Wendie Donabie

Forest Commune provides a glimpse into the hidden life of trees as they communicate with each other both in the forest canopy and underground in the network of mycelium that links even mixed species to support and nurture one another. The  woodpecker symbolizes our need to be connected to the earth  and one another. 

I used tissue paper and acrylic gel medium to create texture and a 3-D effect for the tree bark and roots.


24’’ x 24’’ Acrylic Skins on Canvas


Collaboration by Wendie Donabie, Janice Feist, Pat Whittle, Lynda Lynn

An abstracted view of a landscape from high above the earth rendered using Acrylic Skins. The painting reflects the beautiful blue jewel of our planet imprinted by human use and abuse.


14’’ x 14’’ Chinese Ink on Watercolour paper


Copyright Wendie Donabie

A stand of large, mature trees in the forest suggested a gathering of elders meeting to discuss the condition of the world. Using only black and grays gave this piece a serious, reflective quality.


24’’ x 24’’ Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas


Copyright Wendie Donabie

The beautiful waterlilies along the shoreline of Cache Lake, reminiscent of lotus flowers, inspired Meditation. I wanted to add fun element and decided a frog gazing at the waterlily, mesmerized by its beauty would do the trick.

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