Soull Kreations Jewellery Collection

Carolyn Freedman and Wendie Donabie have been making jewellery under the name, Soull Kreations, for the past three years. As friends, we enjoyed each other’s company and wanted to do something creative together. Our company name, Soull Kreations, resulted from a desire to connect our work at a deeper level with our clients. When we searched out the name, we found the ‘correct’ spelling already in use and decided to get creative with our identity.

Our goal was to design beautiful, one-of-a-kind, easy-to-wear, affordable costume jewellery. Using memory wire that winds onto any size wrist and elasticized beading wire, our bracelets slip onto your wrist without any fussy clasps. Here are a few examples of our Daisy and Crystal Memory Wire Bracelets.

Daisy Bracelet #3 Daisy Bracelet #2 Daisy Bracelet #1









Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet #4 Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet #3 Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet #2


Today, Soull Kreations’ one-of-a-kind products are hand-made from crystals, glass beads, wire, metal, natural stones and sometimes, interesting recycled materials. We both feel a strong connection to nature and want to reflect that in our work.

One of the techniques we use in creating their bracelets is known as Kumihimo.  Kumihimo, meaning ‘braiding’, in Japanese, has a long and prolific history in Japan. During the Middle Ages, Samurai Warriors would braid 800-1000 feet of cord and use it to join together iron plates in the creation of their suits of armour. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the technique became popular amongst weavers and other textile enthusiasts. Today, Kumihimo cords create ties in haori jackets and obijimes, which are used to secure obis (kimono sashes).

Soull Kreations, Kumihimo Bracelets

For last year’s collection,we focused on the dragonfly, a symbol of change related to mental and emotional maturity and the deeper meaning of life. We also chose the Daisy, a flower associated with innocence and simplicity, both qualities so rare today.

Our Dragonfly Brooches are the perfect size to accent a scarf, dress, sweater or jacket while our Dragonfly Pendants hang from chains long enough to go over your head  – no tricky connectors to fiddle with.

Dragonfly Brooch #5 Dragonfly Brooch #4 Dragonfly Brooch #6









Dragonfly Pendant #4 Dragonfly Pendant #2 Dragonfly Pendant #7









Carolyn and Wendie look forward to coming up with new designs to inspire and bring beauty to their clientèle.


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