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3792 -‘Shrooms on the Rocks at Canoe Lake General Store, Algonquin Park

3792 – ‘Shrooms on the Rocks at Canoe Lake General Store, Algonquin Park Acrylic on Canvas panel 18 x 15 inches Framed While on a day trip to Algonquin Park, we stopped at the Canoe Lake General Store, and I discovered these brilliant yellow mushrooms amongst the rocks outside the store. I took several reference photos to use back in my studio. Both trees and fungi have captured my imagination. Without them we would not survive on the earth. The trees provide the oxygen we need and the fungi along with bacteria break down organic matter and release carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil and the atmosphere. It’s this and the variety of shapes,...

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Moose Marsh

3782 -Moose Marsh Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 24 inches SOLD In the fall of 2019, after dropping off paintings at the Algonquin Visitors Centre for the ECOAA, Mystery of the Park exhibit, we stopped on Hwy 60 with a huge crowd of people to take photos of a moose family in the marshy area south of the highway. They seemed undisturbed by the attention and I was able to get a number of great shots of them. It’s one thing to capture a single moose in the wild but to have the thrill of an entire family was a once in a lifetime experience. Moose Marsh was created to enter in the 2020 ECOAA Mystery of the Park exhibit that will be held October 2-November 1, 2020. Click on this link...

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3772 – Truly Algonquin

3772 –  Truly Algonquin Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 16 inches SOLD   Rushing waters crashing over pink granite, surrounded by verdant forests are some of the iconic images of Algonquin Park. Truly Algonquin was inspired by the many beautiful white water locations in the Park.     Share and Enjoy...

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