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3798 – Whispers of Spring

3798 – Whispers of Spring Acrylic on Canvas, 8 x 10 inches Unframed I love the character of barns, how they weather and change as they age. This barn was captured in a photo somewhere near Hastings, Ontario. It still stands with pride, even though its roof has rusted and the winter winds have torn through its greyed and battered boards. I feel the energy of anticipation in the painting, as the barn awaits the coming spring and the return of life to the barnyard. Whispers of Summer reflects the budding spring trees whispering to each other and to the birds of the soon arrival of summer. Share and Enjoy...

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3575 – Winter Solstice

  3575 –  Winter Solstice Watercolour 14.58 x 22.75 inches, Framed   From Wendie: “Barns hold a special appeal. Each one has a personality & quiet strength.” View the photo that inspired Wendie for this painting.   Share and Enjoy...

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