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3779 – Home at Sundown

3779 –  Home at Sundown Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 16 inches PRIVATE COMMISSION   Last year when my granddaughter, Tiffany and her boyfriend, purchased their first home I asked them to think about what they would like me to paint as a housewarming gift. The decision came from Tiffany. She wanted a reminder of her parent’s farm where she spent most of her childhood. Share and Enjoy...

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3682 – Tyler’s & Jessica’s Farmhouse

3682 –  Tyler’s & Jessica’s Farmhouse 20 x 30 inches, framed Oil on Canvas PRIVATE COMMISSION As an engagement gift for my grandson, I painted the farmhouse where he and his wife are now living. I wanted to capture not only the house but also the field of soy beans so critical to their livelihood. The reference photo used for the painting was taken by me on the weekend of their wedding in 2014. Share and Enjoy...

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