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2013-26 Fun with Fiddleheads

2013-27 Fun with Fiddleheads Acrylic on Canvas Donated to the YWCA MUSKOKA, as a live auction item at the 2014 Women of Distinction Awards evening, held on October 29, 2014 in Bracebridge, Ontario. 14 x 11 inches, unframed 2013 I love the way fiddleheads spring up from the stumps of old trees and have painted this scene several times. There is strange, almost mystical quality about them   Share and Enjoy...

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2012-15 Folly of Fiddleheads

  2012-15 Folly of Fiddleheads SOLD Watercolour, Soft Pastels and Ink 15 x 8.5 inches, unframed 2012 From Wendie: “I put more energy into this version of the fiddleheads, bringing them closer together & imagining they were sharing a good joke.” View photo that inspired painting.   Share and Enjoy...

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2012-15 Fiddlehead Conflab

  2012-15  Fiddlehead Conflab DONATED to the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce for the 2014 Winter Gala Silent Auction Watercolour, soft pastels & ink 15 x 11.25 inches, framed 2012 From Wendie: “In spring the fiddleheads pop up from interesting places, like this stump of an old cedar tree. They appear to be talking with one another, catching up after a long winter.” View the photo that inspired the painting.   Share and Enjoy...

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