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3652 – Firmly Rooted – Stream of Consciousness

3652 –  Firmly Rooted – Stream of Consciousness SOLD 48 x 24 inches, Framed Acrylic on canvas   Enter the forest and commune with the trees, sit by a stream and listen. What is the forest telling you? What can you do to protect our  natural environment? This waterfall can be found on Wilson Falls Trail in Bracebridge. Share and Enjoy...

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2013 – 32 Trillium Trio

2013-32 Trillium Trio SOLD 7 x 5 inches, unframed Acrylic on Canvas While photographing the trilliums along Wilson Falls Trail in Bracebridge, I discovered this group of three waiting for me to snap a photo and turn into this permanent painted image. Here is the photo of the actual flowers. Share and Enjoy...

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2013-26 Fun with Fiddleheads

2013-27 Fun with Fiddleheads Acrylic on Canvas Donated to the YWCA MUSKOKA, as a live auction item at the 2014 Women of Distinction Awards evening, held on October 29, 2014 in Bracebridge, Ontario. 14 x 11 inches, unframed 2013 I love the way fiddleheads spring up from the stumps of old trees and have painted this scene several times. There is strange, almost mystical quality about them   Share and Enjoy...

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