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2013 – 32 Trillium Trio

2013-32 Trillium Trio SOLD 7 x 5 inches, unframed Acrylic on Canvas While photographing the trilliums along Wilson Falls Trail in Bracebridge, I discovered this group of three waiting for me to snap a photo and turn into this permanent painted image. Here is the photo of the actual flowers. Share and Enjoy...

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2013-27 Trillium Twosome

2013-27 Trillium Twosome SOLD Acrylic on Canvas 5 x 7 inches, Framed 2013 Spring on Wilson Falls Trail in Bracebridge provides plenty of photo opportunities. In among the abundant white trilliums, there are often single red ones. I found this duo posing for the camera. This is the second in a series of trillium paintings. Share and Enjoy...

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3618 – Trillium Fantasy #2

3618 – Trillium Fantasy #2 Acrylic on Canvas 5 x 7 inches, Framed   In spring I love to visit the woods and see the hills covered in trilliums appearing to me like a convention fairy-like creatures. This piece is part of a series of paintings inspired by the  fascinating trees and root systems I discover while hiking. An earlier version of this painting was in watercolour. To see the photo inspiration click here. Share and Enjoy...

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