3706, 07, 08, 09 – Five Black Bears in Muskoka

3706 - Up A Tree - Copyright Wendie Donabie

3707 - What you looking at - Copyright Wendie Donabie



3708 - Honest, that's really what happened - Copyright Wendie Donabie3709 - Don't Mess with Me - Copyright Wendie Donabie3706 – Up a Tree

3707 – What you looking at?

3708 – Honest, that’s really what happened?

3709 – Don’t mess with me!

Acrylic on Canvas

All paintings 6 x 6 inches, Unframed


Painted and donated for an art sale in support of The Children’s Foundation of Muskoka December 12, 2015.

After the tragic shooting of a mother bear in Bracebridge, I was moved to create these paintings.

Black bears are indigenous to Muskoka and at times appear in town searching for food. If left alone, they

will wander off. Unfortunately, a trigger-happy man shot the mother when the family of bears appeared on his property.

Bear cubs remain with their mother for two years and these cubs were only around 10 months old – too young

to be on their own. Efforts were made to trap them and take them to a sanctuary where they would mature until

they could be released into the wild but these attempts were unsuccessful.

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