3454 – From Above

3754 – From Above

Acrylic Skins on Canvas

24 x 24 inches, Unframed


COLLABORATION – Wendie Donabie, Janice Feist, Pat Whittle, Lynda Lynn

This painting created with Acrylic skins was completed by four artists, each adding approximately one quarter of the artwork.

I began with 4 hot air balloons on the canvas. The next artist promptly removed them, cut them into pieces and reapplied the bits to the canvas. After the canvas made the rounds of the four artists it came back to me for the final touches. Although my initial idea had been hot air balloons high above the earth, the final product reflected a view of earth from above and with the added textures and colours gave the impression of human impact on the planet.

A view of a landscape from high above the earth. The beautiful blue jewel of our planet impacted by human use and abuse.

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