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“The twisted weave of tree roots along a forest trail, a white-tailed deer peering in our patio window, a rainbow-coloured sunset, water cascading over giant boulders or simply a sudden flash of inspiration; these are some of the triggers that stir and awaken my creative spirit. I experience a pleasant fluttering in my gut, light headedness, sometimes goose pimples rise on my skin as my muse entices me to the easel to share this experience with the world.”



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A new painting begins with a composition drawn from photos or an on-site sketch and choosing the paint colours to produce the just right emotional reaction from the viewer. Then the magic happens, as my brushes and paints seem to pull up images hidden in the fibres of the paper or canvas. I get lost in the work and time stands still. When I step back to view the painting and my senses come alive with the memory of the idea, place or time, I know it’s done.

Most of my work tends towards realism using a variety of mediums – acrylic, oil, watercolour, Chinese and acrylic inks as well as mixed media. Each one offers its own special qualities allowing me the freedom to select what best interprets a subject.

With my deep concern for our planet, my paintings often carry a subtle or direct message about our shared responsibility to care for Mother Earth and her abundant life.  To that end a portion of sales of all paintings goes directly to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to support their rehabilitation work in Muskoka.

My work is available at the following locations:

In Bracebridge, Ontario

And viewed and purchased at my Online Store along with a full inventory of products available at Heron’s Nest Studio Gallery.

And viewed and purchased at my Online Store along with a full inventory of products available at Heron’s Nest Studio Gallery.

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Please contact me for painting prices and visit my FACEBOOK Page and blog for updates on my art and writing journey. I invite your questions, comments and feedback. 

ARTWORK CREATED BY KIM DUBEAUIn October 2014, the YWCA MUSKOKA selected me as the Woman of Distinction in the category of Arts, Culture & Creative Energy. The theme for the award was Strong Roots Strengthening Community. To receive such an honour both surprised and humbled me.


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Muskoka Arts and Crafts

ARTrail Muskoka

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Orillia Museum of Art and History

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A small selection of my paintings are also available at:

Unique Muskoka, 28 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge.

And at Oliver’s Coffee, 203 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge

Muskoka Bear cards are available at Momma Bear’s, 95 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge.


Art Purchases Support the wildlife rehabilitation work at


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