3777 – Forest Commune

3777 –  Forest Commune

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas

40 x 30 inches


This year, 2020, the world has been driven to its knees by a microscopic virus (COVD-19), equalizing humanity. It’s resulted in more communication around the planet, greater appreciation of relationships and allowed us time to reflect and recognize the value of all life on the planet, to learn from the rhythms, patterns and cycles of the natural world about interdependence, cooperation and the value of all living creatures. In this period of social isolation, the earth has begun to breath deeper and we’ve been given the opportunity to work together for a common cause. Forest Commune provides a glimpse into the hidden life of trees as they communicate with each other both in the forest canopy and underground in the network of mycelium that links even  mixed species to support and nurture one another. The woodpecker symbolizes our need to be connected to the earth and one another.

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