3778 – Patience – Making Strides

3778 –  Patience – Making Strides

Acrylic on Canvas Canvas Board

12 x 16 inches, Framed

During a photo excursion in and around Algonquin Park, I watched a Great Blue Heron in a light misty rain on the Madawaska River patiently watching and waiting for lunch to swim by.  Patience – Making Strides captured that special encounter for me.

Painted in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, this painting speaks to the patience we need to develop with ourselves and others during the time of social distancing and isolation. It also is a reflection about the gains we made during that time. We made strides to find a treatment and a vaccine. We are also saw directly the effect humanity has on the planet with the clearer skies and waters due to business shutdowns and travel restrictions. Lastly, there is an overriding message that with patience in all things  we make strides in our lives towards our personal and collective goals and most importantly, towards better understanding one another.

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