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3813 – Poppies for Alicia

Poppies for Alicia Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 8 inches, framed NOT FOR SALES Painted for my stepdaughter, on the occasion of her 60th birthday. The family arranged an early surprise party in August, while Alicia’s actual birthdate is in November. That is a busy harvesting time on the farm so the earlier date meant for a perfect surprise. Share and Enjoy...

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2014-42 Alicia’s Poppy Field

2014-42 Alicia’s Poppy Field 24 x 60 inches, Unframed Acrylic on Canvas PRIVATE COMMISSION For her 25th Wedding Anniversary, my step-daughter, Alicia, asked me for a painting of poppies blowing in the wind.   Share and Enjoy...

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3632 – Field of Remembrance

3632 –  Field of Remembrance Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 24 inches, Framed SOLD   In preparation for a large poppy painting, I created a number of smaller ones.  I responded emotionally to each one recognizing the symbolic power the poppy has acquired. We associate poppies with Remembrance Day -a time we honour those who serve in the military in our country. I wanted to create a painting that evoked remembrance of their sacrifice but one that would also communicate hope for the future. Let us never forget. Share and Enjoy...

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